About Morag Kitt, BEd (Hons), MEd, MAR

I started my working life as a primary school teacher and continued studying to achieve a Masters in Education.  While helping children to learn and grow was deeply rewarding it was also challenging and stressful.  After ten years I moved into administration and worked in a variety of roles at Hospiscare, Devon County Council and the University of Exeter.

Having used a range of complementary therapies myself for many years to manage long term health problems, in 2014 I decided to train as a Reflexologist.  The timing of this decision could not have been more appropriate, as I started the course while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Tola Health was born out of a determination to make significant changes to my personal work life balance, leading to lasting improvements in my own health and well-being.

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Since launching Tola Health in September 2015, my greatest rewards have come from sharing my passion, knowledge and skills for healing and using non-invasive treatments derived from ancient cultures.  It gives me great satisfaction to work in partnership with my clients to enable them to achieve balance of mind, body and spirit.  As my experience and training has broadened I feel mentally and physically stronger and more empowered to help others relax, rest and lead happier, healthier lives.  I am living proof of the need for, and benefits of the principles and therapies enshrined in Tola Health.

The foundation of Tola Health is my expertise in delivering effective treatments in a professional manner.  I have worked hard to attain recognised qualifications from trusted organisations and am a member of the Association of Reflexologists.  Starting with a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology in which I achieved a Distinction, I went on to train in specialist techniques. These include Aromareflexology,  Facial Reflexology, Vertical Reflex Therapy and Precision Reflexology,  I am also trained in Emergency First Aid at Work and continue to train and keep up-to-date with current research and changes in legislation.

As my Reflexology practice grew I realised that clients also needed support for other physical and mental health conditions and so added qualifications in Oriental Face Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.  This enables me to use a holistic approach with clients to choose the therapy that best meets their needs and lifestyle at different times on their journey to a balanced mind, body and spirit.  Continuing to working in partnership, I give clients simple strategies to use at home to enhance the healing process. E.g. breathing techniques, hand reflexes linked to areas worked on during the session, Aromatherapy blends to continue to use after treatment.

The Tola Health name and logo reflect my ethos: to encourage balance in the body, mind and spirit. The word ‘tola’ means ‘to be in balance’.  Having chosen the name Tola Health the choice of a triskelion for the logo was an obvious one.  From as early as 4400BC the symbol consisting of three interlocked spirals has been used in many cultures.  I have used them to show the close relationship between the mind, body and spirit.  A circle surrounds the spirals to represent the body, and the rotational symmetry suggests balance.

Reflexology by Tola Health Exeter


Aromareflexology by Morag Kitt - Tola Health
Morag Kitt Approved RLD Practitioner Facial Reflexology by Morag Kitt - Tola Health Exeter