Covid 19 Information

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday 4 January 2021. I must close Tola Health for the duration of the current lockdown.

I will reopen Tola Health again as soon as I am able to do so. I will continue to work with the Association of Reflexologists, the Government guidance and my insurance company to ensure I maintain a COVID-19 Secure Workplace Policy.

There is clear guidance about those I can treat and I will complete a risk assessment with each client before every treatment. I may not be able to provide treatments for you if you are vulnerable, shielding someone who is vulnerable, or pregnant.



Covid 19 Treatment Policy

I have a dedicated treatment room, with its own entrance, utility space and toilet. This means that I can operate within strict hygiene guidelines and space my client bookings to ensure I have adequate time between treatments to maintain these.

We will both need to wear face masks before, during and after your treatment. As an extra precaution, for any treatments above the shoulders I will wear a Type II Medical Grade Mask and a Visor. However, it will be necessary for clients to remove their mask for all our part of these treatments.

I will no longer be able to offer water at the end of the treatment. so I would ask you to bring your own.

I will only be able to take payment by BACS or card.

Under General Data Protection Regulations I am required to store your personal details securely and only disclose them when required to for legal reasons. You signed an agreement to this effect at your first treatment. Legally I will have to provide your contact details if I am approached under the new COVID-19 Track and Trace arrangements. Please be assured the only information I will disclose in these circumstances is your name and contact number. All medical information remains protected.

The picture is constantly changing and I am keeping abreast of developments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and if you have any questions or concerns do get in touch with me.



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