Facial Reflexology

This relaxing treatment helps to reduce stress and enable the body to heal and rebalance. Not only will it improve your health and well-being, it will leave you looking younger and more radiant with a glowing complexion.

As with Foot Reflexology, a Facial Reflexology treatment involves applying pressure to specific reflex points to access all areas of the body, increasing circulation and releasing muscle tension. This helps your skin to feel and look smoother and more toned. Over several sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles. It can also be beneficial in alleviating allergies, migraines, sinus issues, stress and anxiety.

Facial Reflexology with Morag Kitt Exeter


It is not necessary to undress for this treatment. I will begin by a cleansing your face using organic lotion and warm towels. A specially selected Facial Oil will be used to help my fingers glide over your skin using relaxation techniques. I will then apply gentle pressure and massage to reflex points on the face. The experience is deeply relaxing and you may well fall asleep!

If you don’t have time for a full hour-long Facial Reflexology treatment, why not try a 30min Facial Reflexology Stress Buster. This includes the facial cleanse, Facial Oil and relaxation techniques with focussed reflex points to help you relax and unwind.

Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual

The Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual begins with a facial cleanse and warm towels. Having applied a nourishing Facial Oil, special techniques using a rose quartz Gua Sha stone will improve lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, lines and wrinkles. These face lifting techniques will tone, sculpt and brighten your complexion. A Facial Reflexology routine follows, that encourages the body to rebalance itself. By applying targeted pressure to reflex points, blood circulation is improved, helping to regulate hormonal fluctuations reducing common Menopausal symptoms. This encourages deep relaxation and fosters a sense of well-being.

After this, incorporating Facial Reflexology into your wellness routine is simple with the inclusive prompt cards for a self-care routine to use during your daily skin care routine, for better and faster results. Working together we can ensure you experience the holistic benefits of this natural approach, and empower yourself to face this new phase of life with vitality and positivity.

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After a treatment

You can expect to feel very relaxed and calm after a treatment. It is perfectly safe for you to drive home. Occasionally, you may experience a healing response. This is a good sign that your body is rebalancing and should last for no more than 24hrs.


Luxury Facial Reflexology
Treatment Length Price
Initial Treatment 75 mins £57
Single Treatment 60 mins £52
Six Week Course
(6th treatment free)
6 x 60 mins £260


Stress Buster Facial Reflexology
Treatment Length Price
Initial Treatment 45 mins £37
Single Treatment 30 mins £32
Six Week Course 6 x 30 mins £160 (6th Treatment Free)


Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual
Treatment Length Price
Initial Treatment 75 mins £60
Single Treatment 60 mins £55
Four Week Course 4 x 60 mins £200 (Usual Price £220)
Six Week Course 6 x 60 mins £300 (Usual Price £330)


Treatments are relaxing and non-threatening. On your first visit a full medical history will be taken and you will be asked to sign a form consenting to the treatment. All records are kept confidentially.

These therapies are used to complement standard medical care and should not be construed as medical advice or seen as a replacement for medical help.

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