Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual Reviews

"I have been really impressed with the Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual."

I come to Tola Health for regular reflexology treatments to assist with the neck and back tightness I develop through spending too many hours hunched over my desk and too few doing preventative stretching exercises, but mostly for my various perimenopausal symptoms.
I mix it up by including the occasional Facial Reflexology which always have the added bonus of a visible diminishing of my concentration frown lines.

All Morag's treatments make me feel wonderful and being unable to have them during the Covid 19 lockdowns proved to me that they have been incredibly helpful at minimising my perimenopausal symptoms.

I have been really impressed with the Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual. Not only did it have all the usual benefits, but my rosacea has been visibly reduced, as were the worst of my frown lines but even better, my hot flushes have paused. It's been 10 days since my treatment with Morag, and I haven't had a single hot flush since, despite having had all the usual triggers (which for me include red wine, cheese, stressful moments, people and summer).

I'm going to include the Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual as a regular addition to my schedule as it seems a total gamechanger. I also received a card that very clearly gives me the pointers I need to be able to give myself a mini treatment or two each day, which I have no doubt will be invaluable, and I look forward to having a full course so I collect the set of prompt cards.


"I would wholly recommend Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual"

I was very fortunate to be a 'guinea pig' for Morag to practice the Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual. I was intrigued as I had heard of Gua Sha stones but had not yet tried them.

The Ritual started as the usual Facial Reflexology with a cleanse and the rose and lavender Facial Oil combination Morag suggested was lovely to smell. The stone felt quite cool and I wasn't sure initially how relaxing that would be but the next thing I knew I was drifting off and 'came around' when Morag placed the eye mask gently over my eyes and left me to relax for a little while. Morag is an attentive therapist and will check in with you about the amount of pressure and anything you would like to focus on, and will chat if you'd like, or stay quiet so you can listen to relaxing music if you'd prefer.

I wish I could say more about the actual treatment but I was basically asleep! I was quite relaxed and a little tired the rest of that day which led to an amazing night's sleep, which was much needed as I had been struggling a bit with insomnia. The next day the puffiness in my face and bags under my eyes was noticeably less, and my sinuses felt clear. My skin felt lovely and soft and friends commented on how well I looked! The visible effects lasted a few days after the treatment too.

I would wholly recommend Menopause Facial Reflex Ritual for both the relaxation as well as facial benefits, and would recommend it as a gift for someone special. I will certainly try and prioritise treating myself to one regularly!


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